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If you are looking for an over hyped garbage review then please try on another site, as they wear thin on me, so I have just laid out all the facts that I have found in my weeks of researching Male Extra and reading other Male Extra review.

NOTE: Before you buy maleextra , the first thing I will state, is that the company that produce the product are a reputable company and offer a 180 days, 100% money back guarantee this product, so you can rest assured that ordering online through them is safe to do.

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All of us want larger penises and stronger erections to impress our partners and lead a highly satisfying sex life. But buy male extrahow many of us are naturally endowed? Many men are constantly on the lookout for the best penis enhancement products and programs.

Have you heard any of your friends complaining and saying – if only my penis was just three inches longer! Maleextra has now made this possible.

This is a natural penis enlargement program that offers assured results. This two part system combines penis exercises and a natural supplement.

Male Extra pills are made using Pomegranate 70% ellagic and are known to offer excellent results. All ingredients used in the manufacture of the 1500 mg compound offers huge benefits including enhanced semen production and blood flow, improved sex drive and libido apart from of course, enlarged penis size.

The powerful ingredients used in maleextra include –

70% ellagic acid – Also known as natural Viagra, pomegranate is known to enhance the health of blood vessels in the penis and provide harder erections

Maca – This ingredient has been proven clinically to increase sperm count by 200% and boosting libido by 180%

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane or MSM – Enhances overall health of the penis


L-arginine – Works on the blood vessels around the erectile tissue to ensure harder erections

Tongkat Ali 20:1 – This ingredient is well known in enhancing your sex performance by increasing desire, libido and boosting your levels of testosterone.

Cordyceps – Ensures stronger erections by enhancing blood circulation and relaxing the smooth penis muscle tissues. A clinical study involving 189 men and women with decreased libido and sex, 66% showed an improvement after taken Cordyceps supplementation.

L-Methionine – This helps with cellular energy maintenance

Zinc – Ejaculation volume is increased by Zinc by 500%

Male extra review shows that this product assures users of excellent results and also offers them free membership to the exercise program offered by PenisHealth.

Just buy maleextra and combine the pills with these exercises and you will be amazed at the growth of your penis both in girth and length. Your partner will of course, be amazed at your performance in bed.

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Remember that the size increase is permanent and all your issues such as premature ejaculation will disappear completely.

Does Male Extra have any side effects?

You may wonder if maleextra has any side effects. Testimonials and customer male extra review shows that this order male extraproduct is completely free of preservatives, allergens and fillers. As it is filled with ingredients that are nutrient rich and potent, male extra is without any side effects.

How do I benefit if I buy maleextra?

Some of the obvious benefits of using male extra include –

Intense erections that is harder, bigger and more solid

Increase in size of penis by at least one inch in girth and  three inches in length

Improves staying power

Greater control over ejaculations

Intense orgasms

Impress your partner with your amazing  in bed confidence

Other benefits of ordering Maleextra

Read any male extra review and you will find satisfied users talking about the fantastic bonuses offered with this product. Bonuses are offered up to $820 depending on your order.

All your orders are shipped for free and along with Maleextra, you also get a PenisHealth DVD, PenisHealth online access, free Performer 5 bottle, DVD, LoveCentria online access and free Vit5 essential nutrition bottle.

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For those of you looking for reviews on the much touted Male Extra penis enlargement, I thought I’d put together a very comprehensive list of testimonials as I could find from maleextra customers around the web and combine it with information from our own research here at

These testimonials reviews are from various sources and I will provide the names and locations where possible.

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If you have decided upon increasing your penis size permanently, then you have stuck gold mine. Choose male extra to enhance health of your penis and enjoy longer erections.

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