What Do the Clinical Studies and Experts Say About Sizegenetics?

There is a theory in the medical world that if you ask a surgeon what you need, he will tell you surgery, and if you ask a pharmacist, he will tell you pills. Basically, if you ask any medical professional what you need to solve your particular issue, they will base their answer only on what they know. So, when you read that Sizegenetics has actually been endorsed by plastic surgeons and penis enhancement surgeons, then you know that it must be good – after all, this kind of device is used by their potential clients.

When you go online, you will see that there are a number of plastic surgeons who specialize in penis reconstruction and enlargement who are publically stating that they think that this product is a reliable and safe way to enlarge your penis. In fact, many of them recommend this device to their own patients, both before and after surgery, as a way to give them even more length.

One of the most well-known studies of penis extenders was done by the University of Turin and these devices were used on men who had a “short penis” condition. The participants in the study used the penis extender for anywhere from four to six hours per day during a six month period of time and the results they saw were significant.

If you want details, then the average length of the participants’ penis went from 7.15cm to 9.45cm, which is an average gain of 2.3cm (when flaccid). Their length when stretched was 11.32cm, which was a growth of over 1.7cm. Those are major differences, and ones that could really make a difference in your life.

Will the Results Last?

One question that a lot of men have about this method of penis enlargement is whether or not the results will last. After all, no one wants to keep on using this device for the rest of their life. The recent study showed that even after six months of not using the device, the participants still had the same size they had at the end of the study, both when they were flaccid and erect.

Another thing to note is that the bigger you are right now, the bigger your growth will be in percentage terms, so if you are an average sized guy, you will really be outstanding at the end of three to six months’ worth of wear.

Is This Better Than Surgery?

There are any number of reasons why using a penis extender is much better than surgery, not least of which is because any surgery comes with considerable complications. Plus, when you consider the ultra-sensitive region of the body that would be operated on, it is clear that even the smallest mistake during surgery could end up leaving you in great pain.

One thing that many surgeons won’t tell you is that the majority of men who do have penis enlargement surgery end up saying that it actually wasn’t worth the stress, the cost, or the pain. So, before you go under the knife, giving the traction method of penis enlargement a try, like that found with Sizegenetics, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance for growth than with surgery.

Another factor to consider is that while you might think that it takes a long to “stretch” your penis using this device, at least you will be able to “use” it during that time. The recovery time from surgery is usually a matter of months, during which time you will be unable to use your penis for anything other than urinating, and you will probably be in a great deal of discomfort.