How to Enlarge Your Penis – Tips on Getting a 9 Inch Penis

You will find some women who say that “size doesn’t matter”, but we all know that it does, even if you are just walking around in the locker room. Every guy looks up to the guy who is known as the biggest guy at the gym. So, if you are tired of being ashamed of your size or you would just like the opportunity to grow an extra inch or two, then here are a few tips that can help you get the length that you are looking for.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are methods of enlarging your penis that are short-term (i.e. for sexual purposes only) and then there are those that actually enlarge your penis permanently, or at least make it appear to be larger. Most guys would prefer to be bigger when they are flaccid and erect, so these tips are aimed only at that goal.

Herbal Supplements

There are a number of herbal supplements that claim to be able to “pump you up” and give you greater length and girth, but you should be pretty wary of those claims. First of all, if there were a magic pill that would provide men length, then we would all be taking it. Secondly, many of these pills work in theory, but no one has really proven that they work in practice.

For instance, many of the nutritional supplements for penis enlargement that are currently advertised rely on increasing blood flow to the penis. That is great when you want it to be erect, but the rest of the time that is pretty useless. Also, while increased blood flow will give you more size and may even be able to feed your tissues with more nitric oxide, there are simply so many layers of tissue within the penis that it is just not a viable solution for long-term growth.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Again, if penis enlargement surgery were really so successful, there would be a lot more guys doing it, but it’s not. It is usually only an option for men who are extremely small and are looking for as much length as they can get, just so they can function sexually. What is not commonly known about penis enlargement surgery is that it doesn’t really enlarge your penis at all – it simply creates something akin to an optical illusion by pulling back the skin of your groin area, and making more of your penis appear to be coming from your body.

It goes without saying that there is a very definite negative side to this type of surgery and if you don’t need it, you should avoid it at all cost.


The only reliable and medically proven way to actually lengthen your penis on a permanent basis is through traction. SizegeneticsTraction has long been used to lengthen limbs and the spine and is based on the fact that your body will adapt to certain pressures. When you essentially pull on your penis over time, it will eventually become that length.

It is important to note that not all traction devices are the same and some of them can be downright dangerous, so if you are considering this method of penis enlargement, then you should use the only model that is currently approved for medical use and that is Sizegenetics.

This is a very popular penis enlargement tool and one that is actually recommended by surgeons. So, if you want safe and reliable penis enlargement, this product will give you the comfort you are looking for as well as the added length.