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To have a huge penis and to enjoy a satisfactory sex life is the dream of all men. One of the best products that will help phallosanrealize this dream is Phallosan.

What is a Phallosan?

If you are on the lookout for a penis extender, you must have heard of Phallosan. This is an innovative product that combines vacuum power and stretching to provide permanent results in a painless manner.

Apart from increasing the penis size, Phallosan also reduces the penis curvature. A one inch girth thickness and 1.9 inch increase in height is achieved by men who buy Phallosan with its combination of vacuum force and traction for six months continuously.

Phallosan working method

Cell replication is stimulated in the penis through gentle stretching using Hot Sexy Bodyvacuum power by the Phallosan Extender. This device, according to manufacturers, can be used continuously for at least twelve hours. Men have found this device to be very comfortable to use for long periods of time without experiencing any pain when they buy phallosan.

As compared to certain other penis extenders that cause injuries and are painful, Phallosan reviews show that product is found to be 100% safe and comfortable to use, even at nights.

Setting up the Phallosan Extender

This is a user friendly device that is easy to set up and use. Once you set the stretching force, you can leave it at that. You do not have to keep adjusting the force applied. All you need to do is to follow a few basic steps –

Roll down the stretch condom after placing it over the penis head.

To prevent air from entering into the condom, remember to connect the latex sleeve to the bottom portion of the penis.

Now take the covered loop made of foam rubber and place the penis into it.

Now, adjust the tension in the belt after wrapping it around your hips.

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You will now experience an evenly distributed pull over the penis shaft that is created by the vacuum in the stretch condom. It is this vacuum that holds your penis in place securely for a long period of time. Remember to change the pull direction periodically to ensure even stretching of the penis.


Many wonder if Phallosan is safe to use for long periods of time. Apart from the fact that many men buy Phallosan to improve their sex life and benefit from this device, the safety of Phallosan is assured of through its EEC Council passionate sexDirective certification.

Phallosan confirms to standards EN ISO 10993-1 and EN ISO 14971 and EN 980. In America, this penis extender is approved by the health authorities.

Phallosan reviews show that this product is made of good quality materials that are bio-compatible. There are no irritants and the stretch belt is made of formaldehyde-free materials.

Medical foam silicone is used to make the belt counter support. Even the Phallosan clip contains no nickel and the device comes with parts that are highly durable and safe for use.

Clinically Proven

Have you ever come across Penis Extenders that are clinically tested? Well, Phallosan is and this device is proven to work through clinical studies. In the year 2005, a study was conducted at the German Urological Clinic by the chief physician and Dr. Sohn.

Studies were conducted among men aged between 20 and 68 and it was proved that almost everyone on whom this Buy Phallosan Today and start improving your sex life todayextender was tested upon reported a 1.9 inch increase in penis size in six months.  So, if you want to enjoy increased libido and improved erections in your straighter penis, it is time to buy Phallosan and start using it.

In a nutshell

Phallosan is one of the most recommended Penis Extenders that comes with practically no side effects. This extender is found to be 100% safe and Phallosan reviews and customer testimonials show that it is also very comfortable to use.

Phallosan is shipped discreetly to you with the package content show no indications.

Offered at just $299 plus $19 shipping chargers, this innovative device also comes with a two year warranty on its parts excluding the protector caps and vacuum condoms.

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