Why Is Sizegenetics the Number One Penis Extender?

SizegeneticsWhen you are looking to visit a doctor, a dentist, or try a pharmaceutical product, you will probably do your research to ensure that you are getting the best one possible. In other words, you don’t want to put your health at risk because you didn’t do your homework.

For most guys, health is important, but nothing is more important than the health of their penis, so if you are going to strap some type of contraption to it, you better make sure that you are choosing the right one.

What Is a Penis Extender?

If you have never seen a photograph of a penis extender or seen one in person (which most of us haven’t!), then you might think that it looks like some type of medieval torture device. In some ways you would be right, because this form of penis extension relies on “traction”, which is the forced stretching of the penis.

Isn’t Traction Dangerous and Painful?

If you were in traction as a form of torture, then it would be, but that is actually one of the things that makes Sizegenetics so much better than other penis enlargement tools. This device is a Medical Type 1 Device, which means that it has been clinically tested and is recommended by doctors. It is made from high quality medical-grade parts and has been tested on men of all sizes.

The most unique aspect of Sizegenetics is its 16 way comfort strap technology system. This is unique to this device and allows you a variety of ways that you can keep your penis in place. Since no two men are built alike, this product offers up alternative ways to stretch your penis, all in the same spring-loaded framework. It also has precise, measurable traction settings so you will continue to make progress every time you put it on.

Is This Safe?

Traction is a proven method of lengthening parts of the body, but only when it is done correctly and with safety in mind. With some cheap penis extenders, there is no way of measuring your process, no quality control in terms of the product’s materials, and you won’t get any help with what you are doing. But, with Sizegenetics, that is all changes.

First of all, this really is a medical device, so you know that it is hygienic, it is safe, and it is made from quality materials. In fact, Sizegenetics comes with a 180 day money back guarantee, which is completely unheard of in this industry, so you know that it will continue to work months from now.

Buy Sizegenetics

Another aspect of this product that really makes it stand alone in the world of penis extension is that it comes with a full DVD and online support so you can get all of your questions asked. This is a delicate part of the body and you want to be sure that you are doing it right, so the people at Sizegenetics will be there for you.

Should You Choose Sizegenetics?

Some guys think that they are a little on the smaller side but definitely not small enough to warrant this type of device, but you would be surprised by the number of men who are using it who really range in size from very small to already fairly large. The truth is that a lot of your self-confidence and how you feel about yourself as a man comes from the size of your penis (as ridiculous as that may be), and if you can give yourself a chance to get a little more, then why not? With Sizegenetics, you will have a medically approved and highly recommended product that really works.

NOW is time to ORDER SizeGenetics and become a man with bigger and larger penis who will enjoy more SEX than ever!